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Monday, October 3, 2016, 5:00 PM
Department of Comparative Literature
Event: Mary Poplin – Gender Plus Religion: Christianity, Feminism and Freedom

Message from Department of Comparative Literature Event Poster Mary Poplin – Gender Plus Religion: Christianity, Feminism and Freedom Time: 5:00 p.m. Date: October 3, 2016 (Monday) Location: Room 4.36, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU Moderator: Professor Maureen Sabine, Honorary Professor of History, University of Hong Kong About the Seminar: The history of the feminist movement in the U.S. reveals a move from a broad based political movement for justice and freedom to a more ideologically driven one. In the intersectionalities between justice, religion, politics and women’s studies there are significant conundrums. Paradoxically while the later movement positions itself as more inclusive, women who are conservative, women who place a high value on children and family, and women who find freedom in religion (e.g., in Christ) now question their place in the “movement”. About Mary Poplin: Mary Poplin is a professor in the School of Educational Studies at Claremont Graduate University. She has been both the Dean and Director of Graduate Teacher Education at various times. In K-12 education she studies highly effective teachers in low- performing urban schools. In 1993, after having been a feminist, multiculturalist and Marxist, Mary became a follower of Christ. In 1996, she worked for two months with Mother Teresa and the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta to understand why she said their work was “religious work and not social work.” From that experience she began to explore the academic and social repercussions of the various feminist and justice movements. Her recent books include Finding Calcutta in 2008 and Is Reality Secular in 2014. About Gender Plus: “Gender Plus” sponsors events that engage stakeholders across the university community. Drawing on interdisciplinary and intersectional theoretical frameworks, as well as candid and practical reflection on the progress and process of engendering inclusivity through engaging a diversity of perspectives, Gender Plus conversations cover a host of themes highlighting these vital intersections and connections. All are welcome Co-organized by Faith and Global Engagement Women’s Studies Research Centre

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