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Wednesday, October 26, 2016
School of Humanities
Event: TODAY - Gender Neutral Toilets on Centennial Campus: One Day Only!

Message from School of Humanities The Common Core course CCHU9007 Sexuality and Gender: Diversity and Society will hold a special learning activity on the afternoon of Wednesday October 26th. Between 12:30-6:30 students will convert all* toilets in the CPD teaching areas of the Centennial Campus into gender neutral toilets. On floors 3, 2, 1, G, LG the students will re-badge toilets and encourage members of the University community to use the toilet of the opposite gender. All* - on each floor one set of toilets will be remain in standard format for those who are not comfortable engaging in this activity. Please drop by and support this activity. Let's make HKU (Toilets) Gender Neutral! Teaching Team: Dr Brenda Alegre; Professor Timothy O'Leary