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Understanding Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement (31 Oct 2014)

A Forum organised by the School of Humanities
University of Hong Kong

Understanding Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement

Friday October 31st , 2014

Recent political events in Hong Kong have been, by turns, surprising, exciting, shocking, perplexing, inspiring, worrying, and frustrating. Apart from their intrinsic importance, the fact that these events have been so closely bound up with the tertiary education sector makes it all the more important for the academic community to contribute to an understanding of their significance.

This Forum brings together a group of teachers and researchers from HKU to discuss Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement. Is this a new form of politics? What inter-generational dynamics are at work in this largely student-led movement? How has the experience of cultural identity shaped the demands of the students? Can Hong Kong politics ever return to 'business as usual'?

A large portion of the time will be devoted to open discussion. All members of the University community are invited to participate.

Chair: Timothy O'Leary, Head of School of Humanities
Joe Lau, School of Humanities (Philosophy)
Mirana Szeto, School of Humanities (Comparative Literature)
Joseph Chan, Faculty of Social Sciences (Department of Politics)
Stephen Chu, School of Modern Languages and Cultures (Hong Kong Studies)
Marco Wan, Faculty of Law

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