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Forum: Women Occupying - Umbrella Forum #2 (27 Jan 2015)

A Forum organised by the School of Humanities
University of Hong Kong

Women Occupying - Umbrella Forum #2

Tuesday January 27th , 2015

The battle for suffrage defined the 'Suffragettes' in the so-called 'first wave' of the modern feminist movement. As we witness the current debates surrounding election procedures, voting rights, and eligibility to run for and hold office in the HKSAR, revisiting the issue of women's historical involvement in suffrage movements as well as their current commitment to the political sphere here in Hong Kong can help to illuminate an aspect of Occupy Central that has not received sufficient attention. This panel focuses on women's involvement in the Umbrella Movement, how their participation has been framed by the media, and the way in which the movement has addressed questions of gender and women's issues.

Gina Marchetti (HKU, Moderator)
Katrien Jacobs (CUHK)
Leta Hong Fincher (HKUST)
Yvonne Leung (HKU Student Union)
Mirana Szeto (HKU)
Puja Kapai (HKU)
Fermi Wong (Founder of Hong Kong Unison)

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