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MB Lee Distinguished Lecture in the Humanities #5 (29 Sep 2016)

History's People

MB Lee Distinguished Lecture in the Humanities
Professor Margaret MacMillan
St Antony's College, Oxford University
September 29 2016

Is history made by great forces such as economics, politics or ideas or is it made by people? Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in between. Individuals are shaped by the times in which they live but sometimes they can push changes in one direction or another. This lecture looks at those leaders, explorers, or entrepreneurs who have made a difference in the past, for better or worse, but it also looks at those who make history possible by writing down their experiences and observations.

The MB Lee Distinguished Lectures in the Humanities are designed to promote the significance of the arts and humanities to the wider public. Accessible, curious and enriching, the talks should stimulate a passion for the arts and a desire to see the values of the humanities benefit the social well-being of Hong Kong.

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